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This wiki is about the adventures of eight kids: calm Larry, smart Jimmy, tomboy Maddie, rich Olga, neurotic Becky, storyteller Lonnie, tough Michael, and funny JD, created by Trevor807. This is also where YOU can write your own episodes and stories. If the web series happens, the best writers here may even be on the writing team for the show. Go ahead, add to the canon. And if it's successful, we may put it on Netflix, in addition to a line of other shows in the same canon.

Keep in mind this wiki is under construction.


We need YOU to write episodes for us. Ideas are below in white.


Season 1

The First Day of School

Jimmy Gets Thrashed

Larry Watches His Brother

Maddie's Magic Show

Larry's News

Becky the Cook

Jimmy's Go-Kart

Olga's Test


Performing Blues

The Bullies Exposed!


Larry J. Molina


Jimmy Oates


Maddie Burns

Olga tritle

Olga Trittle

Becky jones

Becky Jones


Lonnie Frey


Michael Jeffries


JD Jeffries

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